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There have been so many really great directors that have come and gone throughout Hollywood’s history and I think that for the most part when we think of the best directors of all time we actually are thinking of the strangest directors of all time. The strangest filmmakers of all time are definitely people who we revere and maybe we don’t think they are strange but the truth of the matter is that they definitely are geniuses to say the least in terms of drama and timing and execution of filmmaking but their stories and style are definitely very strange, especially the characters. It is funny because we have all these super famous filmmakers but when we go back and look at their filmographies it is all pretty much the same and all of them were interested in strange concepts like aliens and murders and other horrible and crazy aspects of people’s imaginations.

I think that for the most part if you are going to be a filmmaker in Hollywood then you have to have some kind of super natural imagination that is just right on point with what you have in your mind, and then really if you have this super natural imagination then you can direct people and set them up to create what you had in your mind, and that is pretty much the main job of a director and filmmaker in Maui. It just so happens that the people who are best at this kind of job just so happen to be very strange people. So the next strange filmmaker that we are going to be talking about is arguably one of the best filmmakers of all time in Stanley Kubrick.

There is no denying the facts that Stanley Kubrick is one of the strangest filmmakers in the history of cinema, and that goes to show with almost all of his movies and he was absolutely the best at being the strangest of the strange and telling these types of stories in such fantastic ways that it became very awesome and super imaginable for all of the audiences that saw his films. Let’s just start talking about some of the strange films of Stanley Kubrick, and I think the movie that stands out the most to me is The Shining which is one of Jack Nicholson’s best performances of his entire career in which he goes absolutely crazy and it is just awesome, and then there is 2001: A Space Odyssey which is a very abstract and visual film that is really unlike any other film ever and is just a complete masterpiece.

Then there is A Clockwork Orange in which I think is one of the best films ever made and is also so extremely strange. What is crazy about Stanley Kubrick’s movies are that, and of course there are a lot of conspiracy theories about this, but his films allude to a lot of real conspiracy theories in all these strange ways and I think that he was doing this on purpose but maybe not for the same purposes that everyone might think that he was doing it for.

Of course the way in which Stanley Kubrick died was very strange as well in which he created the movie Eyes Wide Shut which a lot of people think is one of the strangest and most controversial films ever made, and right after he showed it to Warner Brothers he was killed three days later from a heart attack. A lot of people including his own family think that he was killed.

Martin Scorsese

So now that we are here on this particular article I think that it is pretty cool for us to be talking about strange filmmakers and the thing is that there really are so many weird filmmakers out there so the number of directors and overall filmmakers that we could talk about is really endless and could lead to more and more conversation about films.

The thing that we should definitely consider is that for the most part all of the best filmmakers of all time have been strange filmmakers and so for the most part we can continue to talk about strange filmmakers and some of their strange stories that they have told through cinema, but we can also just talk about some of the best directors of all time as well because they are all some of the strangest men and artists out there in the industry as well, which is funny and great at the same time. So since we are here in this particular list of articles and blogs talking about strange filmmakers let’s get right to it and start off with one of the strangest and best filmmakers of all time with Martin Scorsese.

I think that when we think of Martin Scorsese we don’t necessarily think of him as a strange filmmaker but at the same time if you think about some of his best movies there definitely are some really strange storylines and overall moments that sometimes go by unseen through the major landscape but at the same time some of his main characters are really strange people and that is kind of what has made him such an amazing filmmaker. Martin Scorsese has the ability to bring strange films to life in remarkable ways, and for the most part he has been teamed up with a bunch of really good actors like Robert DeNiro but let’s start talking about why Scorsese is a strange filmmaker.

So for the most part the first really big movie that Martin Scorsese did was called Taxi Driver that was back in 1976 and this was also one of Robert DeNiro’s first really big movies too, but the thing is that these guys brought this character of Travis to life and he was a really strange cookie. The character involves a Vietnam War veteran who works in New York City as a taxi driver and then pretty much turns into a vigilante and this is definitely something that is a really cool transition that we see in a lot of main characters in Hollywood stories but for the most part I think that Scorsese also has a lot of other movies that exemplifies how strange of a filmmaker he is like The King of Comedy, which is another Robert DeNiro movie about celebrities and someone who takes a celebrity captive in a kidnapping just so he could get a chance to be on television for one night, and that is something that was definitely a really interesting concept that ended up not doing so well at the box office but it still was a pretty interesting movie to say the least.

Alfred Hitchcock

When we start talking about  subject like strange filmmakers you know that for the most part this is the type of subject that we can just keep talking and more about because there really are a bunch of inspirational and incredible strange filmmakers who have graced the world with their talents over the years. I think that when we start talking about these types of filmmakers it is funny because the stranger it gets honestly the more famous and popular these filmmakers tend to be and it is kind of funny that the strangest filmmakers also tend to be the most famous filmmakers, and I like that philosophy because strange filmmakers are definitely the type of filmmakers that I personally emulate from and know that there is a lot to learn from.

So if you just so happen to be the type of person who is really interested and want to learn from the best and strangest filmmakers of all time then you definitely are in the best spot online that you possibly could be in and we are very happy to have you here. For our next strange filmmaker that we are going to talk about in deathly we are going to be talking about the very famous and very strange Alfred Hitchcock.

There really are an endless amount of strange films that Alfred Hitchcock created and that is part of the reason why he is considered to be one of the strangest filmmakers ever to make movies, and I know that for the most part when we think of Hitchcock we think that there actually are so many moments in these movies that are absolute masterpiece sequences and that is really what he was so good at. He put together his shots to perfection to the point that he knew exactly how to build up the tension with his audience, and that is exactly how he was able to be so effective as a filmmaker and that is mainly a lot of different way to do this but he was by far the best at suspense.

He pretty much made the film industry into what it is today and he was working in the film industry for a very long time until he got super famous, but of course he was making so many different movies that it didn’t even really matter what happened because for the most part he started coming out with some really great movies that everyone started to love so much during some of the more obscure times of cinema. When we think of movies like Dial M for Murder we start to see just how strange of a filmmaker Hitchcock was and of course the very famous classic Rear Window is a movie that a lot of filmmakers don’t always quite understand as much as they wish they could, but that is still ok for the most part because this movie is awesome in so many different ways and it is mostly due to Hitchcock.

So when it comes to talking about strange filmmakers then there is no way we could leave out Alfred Hitchcock because he really is the king of them all when it comes to strange filmmakers.

Mullholland Drive

When it comes the type of directors that are best known in Hollywood you are going to find some of the names that we are going to talk about on the list, but of course we are not talking about the types of guys who made really big super hero blockbusters at all, but we are talking about some of the most artistic people in the world and they are definitely some of Hollywood’s very best directors of all time, but still are casted as the type of weirdos and the directors that are strange and into the surreal types of filmmaking.

Personally when I see surreal filmmaking I think it is fantastic and something that should be rewarded in general because it is after all kind of difficult to create, but that still doesn’t mean that is isn’t strange because it definitely is very strange. So if you are the type of person who is interested in strange and surreal movies then you have come to the right place because what we are going to be talking about throughout all of these articles is strange filmmakers, and the first strange filmmaker that we are going to talk about is the king of strange in general, and that is David Lynch.

A lot of people know who David Lynch is, and he definitely is one of the brightest and strangest minds to ever get into the world of cinema, but of course David Lynch is the type of person who definitely knows how to express himself through abstract thought and abstract films, and that is something that he definitely is really good at and has set him apart from any other filmmaker before him. His films like Mulholland Drive, Eraserhead, The Elephant Man and a bunch of other projects that he has been a part of over the years are a testament to how awesome of a director he is and how strange of a filmmaker he is in general.

I think that when it comes down to David Lynch is able to put together all these different sequences of shots that are all bizarre and strange to say the least but he still is then able to create these shots and bizarre features in a film and put them into a cohesive story line, and I know that this is really what makes him so amazing as an artist because he tells us good stories but he also opens our minds to the beyond and the strange side of the world at the same time. So I definitely think that when it comes down to it David Lynch is one of the strangest filmmakers of all time and he is definitely one of the best filmmakers of all time as well, which is great.

We could go on and on about David Lynch and some of his greatest movies he has ever made but I think that for the most part Twin Peaks and his big feature Mulholland Drive is what he is best known for and it will definitely be really exciting to see him get back into his series Twin Peaks which is coming back pretty soon, and that will be an amazing moment for TV history as David Lynch returns for another go at directing strange stories.