Martin Scorsese

So now that we are here on this particular article I think that it is pretty cool for us to be talking about strange filmmakers and the thing is that there really are so many weird filmmakers out there so the number of directors and overall filmmakers that we could talk about is really endless […]

Alfred Hitchcock

When we start talking about ┬ásubject like strange filmmakers you know that for the most part this is the type of subject that we can just keep talking and more about because there really are a bunch of inspirational and incredible strange filmmakers who have graced the world with their talents over the years. I […]

Mullholland Drive

When it comes the type of directors that are best known in Hollywood you are going to find some of the names that we are going to talk about on the list, but of course we are not talking about the types of guys who made really big super hero blockbusters at all, but we […]